Friday, 27 March 2009

Migration and Recession : Part 2

Globalisation!!! The definition means growth to global level. Who needs this? Companies like Pepsi, Coke, Mac D, Pizza hut, Wallmart. Why is this required? People are starving they need food... that is what Pizza hut is for. You are eating pizza aren't you thirsty? Coke/ pepsi is the answer. Not much hungry? Mac D..... Well today is special day let us cook.... then you need Wallmart.

These are just examples.... but thinking back on above examples what we really need among all these? Actually... nothing. We donot require coke or pepsi or pizza hut or Mac D. Then who requires? It is for those who had that"big" vision to go global, who desired to earn lot of money. Come to any business, no one does it for charity. Business is money. Everyone is in the race to create wealth. That is why companies go public... shares are traded, money is exchanged. Few people get wealthy and more get poor. But hunger for money never stops. To feed that hunger, expand. Go out of the box. Increase profit. Find new markets.... create need which is not there... tap the untapped.

Really isn't this what businessman, big organisations and product companies do? Someone thinks about the prouct, someone thinks about the market, if there is no market then people are made aware that they need that product. Well that is what is required. If you are successful in creating market people will buy your stuff and you start earning... if not you fail measurably and loose everything. How exactly this is realted to migration?

You started company... you are making profit. How will you increase the profit? You have to find cheap labour... cheap raw material. How??? Here is the answer then... always some part of world is richer than rest. People who have wealth are concentrated in some parts. To increase profit readuce manufacturing costs... get cheap labour. When you are looking for cheap labour you are looking for people from outside where you reside. This is just an example... there are more reasons for migration. But most obvious reason the money. People migrate to a place where they think can live comfortably. Where they can earn good and live in good condition. Only factories, companies can make this happen. Fast money and fast life style, people are running around for money and for peace. But I am sure answer doesn't lie with pile of money.

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