Friday, 8 May 2009

General - Random

After long time I am writing... but at least I came back. I lost touch in between and I thought I am not going to come back but my eager of writing came back.

When I was not writing I was reading, not much but I was.... I had lost interest in both but its back. I found one blog. I went thru few posts and I liked it.

I also started reading a book Fooled by Randomness by Nassim Taleb. This was his best selling book. This is a no-non sense book. Purely for those who are interested in maths. Book gets boring at times :-) as it is maths in words... and logic and as name suggest about randomness in life. Give a try to read this book. I even have a copy of Black Swan from same author. Its kinda sequel of Fooled by...

Finally an advice for those who are in late twenties and early thirtees. During current recession I saw many people around me getting fired left and right. I saw people insecure (I too feel at times). On complete other topic, I see people having habits of eating crisps, chips, chocolates, buscuits and some snacks. I was never for, for such food. I call this junk though I am tempted to eat those sometimes.

But I feel to tell everyone, even if you may not like it do it salad every day. Eat fruits. Try to have minimum travelling time from home to office and back, this gives you more personal time. Utilise it. Do walk for 45 mins at a stretch in a day. You are not getting any younger anymore. Keep your self fit. This will keep you enthusiastic thru out day. Try to love your job if you cant find the job you love :-) and if not then at least respect and be loyal to it because at the end of month it is paying your salary. Have nice day, evening and night :-).

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