Thursday, 25 December 2008

26th December - New deadline for Pakistan

After Mumbai attack there were so many rumors, so many actions, reactions. Everyone pointed to Pakistan saying this is where all the problem is... no doubt there is something wrong. What is done about that? Washington exerted some pressure on Pakistan... New Delhi as usual threatened and then gave deadline of 2 days....

Now this seems all long time ago.... everyone forgot most of these finger pointing, deadlines and today there is again news saying Pakistan is given new deadline 26th December to wipe out all terrorist camps from its area and POK. In a bulletin zeenews says "The Indians have had a month to prepare their military operations against Pakistan, and Indian defense sources have revealed that these plans are ready to go into effect". Our military required 30 days to prepare itself for an attack? Isn't that sounds rediculous?

Is someone attacks on the country what will be the situation in that case? Isn't this time, if just bought for preparation of Army, too much? Washington doesn't have much effect on New Delhi, but saying that we will not like to spoil our relations with US of A. If we start probing in Pakistan, US military operations in Afaganistan will be affected severely for sure.

US will not like that certainly and that is the cause for delay as per my understanding. There might be something more than what is seen on surface. I am hoping to see some concrete action though I myself will not be on the side of war. War will not solve the problem but will create many more. Some surgical operations is required by Bharat. I hope to see some matured and intelligent action by Bharat rather than calling War on Pakistan, the way US did on Afaganistan and Iraq.

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Maya Raj

This looks like some Aaj Tak news title, but after reading the news I was tempt to have this title.... I think this aptly suit the news.

Chief Minister Mayawati have set the target of Rs 1000 Cr. to her party MLAs, MPs and ministers for her birthday which is in next month, as said by Shivpal Singh Yadav (Samajwadi state president). All these party workers were involved in extortions to collect money from various sources with the help of police. During such incidence executive engineer M. K. Gupta was seriously bitten by BSP MLA Shekhar Tiwari and his two associates Manoj Tyagi and Bhatia, which happened to be mortal. He was demanded sum of Rs 50 Lac.

I am surprised that, an FIR was registered for this incidence against those who were involved in this act by police promptly. No one tried to suppress this incidence and it came to news as well. Now this is unlike Bharat.

Normally all such news are taken care and public is never made aware of such incidence. Something is wrong somewhere, strangly, which is good. I guess I can now guess how BSP is able to put the candidates in each and every election across Bharat and on all seats where it doesn't even have chance of securing deposit. If people start thinking, I believe no one from current parties will be able to win in any election.