Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Migration and Recession : Part 1

Migration or even recession is not a new concept to world. We Bharatiya have seen since long so called brain drain. People argued about it whether it is really brain drain or not. After dotcom and Y2K bubble busted thousands or may be lacs came back, then every started talking about reverse brain drain. But is there anything called reverse brain drain? I don't think so.

Recent recession affected area like USA, Europe and worstly affected UK are seeing people fleeing back to their home countries. Recent news might have capture eyes of people if not I am giving here few. Australia is chaning their migration policy and reducing migrants by 30%. Malysia is going to reduce foreign workers to 1.8 million from 2 million (Here actually figure seems very less but it is 10% of current foreign migrants.) and who have already reduced 60,000 migrants in last year. UK is changing work permit, skilled migrants and residence permit rules. So what will happen to those people who are not able to keep their jobs in such outsider countries? They have to return back to their own country, in most cases.

Recent news which is flashing here in UK is about Polish people. There are around 1.2 million Poles here in UK. Already many have started migrating back to Poland. It is warned by economic adviser in their country that about 400,000 Poles are likely to go back to their home country. What these people were working here? From how long? Why are they going back? Will you call this reverse brain drain?

I want to write more about this, in the next part.

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