Monday, 9 February 2009

Christian Conversion in Bharat

This is after long time I am again writing something on blog..... Lots of thoughts were whirling in mind but could not put them together on time. Today I found this video on YouTube... This talks about conversions going on in Gujurath, Bharat. Till this point of time I have only heard or saw news that such things are happening across Bharat but did not think it was something worrying. But this video here shows the ground reality. This video is not complete and looks like is a cut from big story.

The video is telling stories which are not new but what is in news circulation already but with faces to remember. Normally when we read something listen something we tend to forget. It doesn't seem so important to us when it is some vague concept. But just relate the story to known face and it makes impact. Though faces are not known to us in the video but it makes a point in what is going on around us.

Christian missionaries are pouring money from all sort of mechanism for conversion. Villages are being converted. One of the man in this video who is some political leader narrates that if anyone starts church he can simply ask for donation from west and it is provided without question. There are many illegal activities being carried out in the name of god. Hindu god/ goddesses are being blackened. People are made to believe in Jesus saying he will cure there diseases, pain and he can do miracles. Well ignorant people are ready to accept anything without questioning and that is what is happening. Families are christanised by offering money. To any integrated mind this will not feel right. But still this is happening. This is a problem in North-East since long, Vivekanand Kendra and other people are working together there to stop this. They are converting people back to hinduism from christanity.

I feel this is high time since everyone objected talked about this, government needs to inturrupt somewhere and stop conversion happening in Bharat. When talked about this issue, government puts some figures showing there is actully declining of number of christians in Bharat. Well if that was the case then why are these things still happening here? Who are these people who wants to convert masses? But no wonder, since an italian christian person is running our contry with unquestioned authority, these sort of things are happening.

If I look deeply into issue, I can put two points here.
  • First point is even though such vast amount of money is poured in for christanising, on larger grounds I feel they are still loosing. All this money, if I can say so, was once our's. British and other invaders looted it from us. They are just returning it back in some way or other :-). Even though people are getting coverted to Christianity, they are also converting back on their own to Hindism. No religion can remain on this earth if forced upon someone by any means.
  • Secondly by some way it is our, hindu's fault that these christians are able to convert people from hinduism. Who are these people getting converted? Those all are mostly poor , illeterate, ignorant people. What do they need? Some help to survive, some help to feed their families, some education, some work and some pride. A person wont bother if he is praying to Rama, Krishna, Allah or Jesus as long as he is not able to survive. If getting converted earns him some money for leaving why will not he do it? I had discussion about this with my friend (Yogendra) recently. He was aguing that it is the fate of those people who face these problems. I agreed to what he was saying. But I had another point, it might be their fate, or previous Karma that made them face all the problems in this life. But as a human being, is not our duty to help these people? Rather for any organism? Why are we human, why do we are given ability to think? Because we can do something special than others... we should use that ability to help others.
All of us in these days, largely contended with our own world, including me. What do we do to help other people or rather I will say organism? I am currently reading a book on Punarjanm (Re-birth). It talks about our relation between our all janmas and karmas. I will talk about it later because I am eager to write about it... my few questions were answered in that book. But there is need to do something "good" without expectations and that is "now". This is not for anyone but for me, for my future.


Anonymous said...

Dear Koushal,
I appreciate your concern telling this from UK. This article
would help to understand the otherside of the story, why people need to convert?

Koushal said...

Hi Doulos,
Thought I am posting this blog currently from UK, I am born and brought up in Bharat (india). I am well aware of happenings in Bharat.
If you read the article, it is said that the charity was secular. I have never been to Africa and certainly don't know anything, based on which I can comment right now. But I read the comments below which talks about colonisation from west. I am certain that was first major thing which disrupted local lives there and affected people. Why was that done in first place? Because greed of west. Now after doing that, in the name of Jesus they are trying to make people believe, that he will solve there problem.
It is upto person to believe in some god. We Hindus have 3 crore gods. Not necessarily everyone prays to same god, we dont even bother if some one is praying to Jesus or something else and I am sure if someone puts suggestion forward to put an idol of Jesus in a temple, that is not even going to affect us, Hindus.
It really does not matter to which god you pray, it is just the belief that the god will help makes difference.
You wont even find any example of Hindu conversion by force/ money/ power or otherwise. This is the greatness of Hinduism. There are millions of people from christianity it self have accepted Hinduism without giving up there belief in Jesus. We never ask ask/ force person to do this. But all other religions try to do that....