Sunday, 11 January 2009


Yuga's.... I had serious mis-information or mis-understanding of Yuga's. I thought first yuga was Saty-yuga then Dwapar-yuga, Treta-yuga and final Kali-yuga. I could not get the clue about treta-yuga and where to place it in order exactly. Well I don't go into my mis-understandings. I will put the facts which I found.

Saty-yuga was first one but second was Treta-yuga then Dwapar-yuga and final Kali-yuga. Vaman, Parashuram and Ramachandra were avatar's (incarnation) of Vishnu in Treta-yuga. They were not incarnation in Saty-yuga as I had earlier thought. Currently we are in Kali-yuga.

I have to read more about Kali-yuga but I could find attributes of Kali-yuga on wiki which says, rulers will become unreasonable. Rulers will no longer see it as their duty to promote spirituality, or to protect their subjects, they will become a danger to the world. If this is one of the attributes of Kali-yuga, then we can explain our current leaders and what they are doing.

My interest has increased in Yuga's.... Nice to know own culture, past and history.


Yogendra Namjoshi said...


There are lot of information of 'Yug' periods in our traditional books. I believe you must stop searching for the Internet if you are really interested in the authenticated and non-tainted data.

There is also a Jyotish-shashtra view of Yuga. Sri Yukteshwar defined Yuga as per the period of revolution of Sun (center of our solar system) with respect to center of our galaxy which lies in "Mool" nakshatra (hence the name - Moola means the root). As per his claim, we have left Kali Yuga and we are already into Dwapar. According to him (and many other Jyotishis) the Yugs go from Satya-Treta-Dwapar-Kali-Dwapar-Treta-Satya. Others say that Kali is the ending Yug of the galaxy (or perhaps the Universe).

There is also some "timing" established here:

I hope in future blogs you will add new threads of information after going indepth..

Yogendra Namjoshi

Koushal said...

I am sure, there are lot of views available about Yuga's. I was not stracing in which Yuga we are but the order of yuga. I always write what I feel is correct. I admit, I don't have much knowledge about this. I am trying to gain as much knowledge as possible. Thanks for your comment.

kiran said...

This is a very interesting concept if you want to dig deeper into it. The 4 yuga's run in cycles. Satya-Treta-Dwapar-Kali.Total time span for one complete cycle is around 4,000,000 yrs. Every two cycles make one brahma's day, in his life.He lives for about 100 yrs after which the universe he is in ends. According to our religion there are millions of universes-bhrahmas. Imagine the time frames our ancestors talked about. To be believed or not is an individual perspective. There is much more I just mentioned what i know. Scientists too say our earth has been around since 4 million yrs.

Yogendra Namjoshi said...

@Koushal, Kiran

As an addendum to our discussion, read:

Jump to 3rd page for quick review.

Koushal said...

Nice one.... I was searching something good, can you suggest some book as well.