Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Mumbai Attack Sponsor

Bharatiy government is now probing into money transaction that might have been linked to Mumbai attack.... the news says.

Around Rs 2000 cr and 200 banks have been used to navigate this money to Bharat which was used for Mumbai attack. If government releases name of banks which were used for these transactions I wonder how many banks name may come up. I wonder if we have any policy for money laundering. US, UK and most of Europe have there policies around illegal use of money. Any bank involved in money laundering is heavily charged and may even be banned from any transaction. These rules if not already should be in place for all banks which operate in Bharat.

All banks, bank staff and anyone who works for bank may be not an employee of should be aware of these policies. If we dont set it right... same thing mught be used again against us.

A movie is released around same topic a week back, The International. I think everyone should see the movie which shows what impact money laundering can have. I can describe the outline of movie here. An international bank IBBC from Netherlands is involved in money laundering. Interpol is tracking the bank. Money is routed from African country to this bank. Weapons are purchaed from China and are supplied to these African countries. Interpol and few agent from America tries to invade their plan. It is fast paced movie. You just dont get time to think about anything till the last frame. But in a process you come to know everyone from top to bottom and from left to right, is involved in this. You can get in this mess thinking of trying to solve it. But you CAN'T.

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