Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Rashi and Horoscope

Few days back I read a book on Punarjanm (Rebirth), by P. V. Vartak. I found answers to some of my questions, may not be fully satisfactory but which can lead to new thinking. Today I came across one news in sakal about Rashis and horoscope. A lecture was given by Pro. Prakash Parekh of "Andhashraddha Nirmulan Samiti".

It is nice to have discussion about such topics and try to investigate on this. But what I found in news is they just ridiculed about the subject. I am believer of Rashis/ Horoscope. I believe this is a science though it is not established like science. There are many proofs if you want to verify which can proove this science.

Though I use to believe this is a science I could not relate why and how exactly it is related to Grahas (Planet) and Nakshatras. My friend told me that earlier there were only Nakshatras and Grahas which vedic people used for predictions. There were no Rashis. It was later when it was hard to explain and figure out formation of Nakshatras, Rashis were created. They consist of 2.25 Nakshatras. Still I could not find reason how Grahas can impact anyone's life.

Well I could find two good reasons for this. First is, Moon and Sun even being at such vast distance affect on sea, which is huge. It cause high tide and low tide, on perfectly regular interval. This cycle is never missed. We are leaving on same earth why is it hard to believe they can also have impact on our body. After all, all communication within out body is done using low electric pulse, isnt it? It can be affected by extenal factors.

Second reason is written in the book I read, which I meantioned at begining. This thought can be digested only by those people who believe in rebirth or reincarnation. Whaterver are our deeds or Karmas in current birth are getting transmitted in atmosphere... it just gets reflected by the planets.

Though this sounds incomplete explanation I think if we investigate more about this we can definitely find some proof of relevance in horoscopic science. We may not rely on what our horoscope but definitely we should not discard it.


Yogendra Namjoshi said...

Koushal... good post! As said in Bruhat Parashara Hora Shastra : the jatakam (jyotish) shashtra and rebirth ideologies are not parallel, rather they are intertwined. As per your karmas today, you are bound to get their fruits later (in this janam or next). Hence as per these calculations you are bound to born at specific time, on specific date and in specific location. After these comes jyotish... Similar to languages... First the language was born then its grammar was written... And according to my thinking these Grahas are just an syntax for unraveling the algorithm. The coding constructs, I mean. Finally your input (karmas) are the ones which are responsible the output (bhog your body has to go through in this birth).

But unfortunately people get fussy about Shani as a planet etc... no, that is not the case... they don't throw any signal on us to become King or a begger. They are just those IF and SWITCHES which only we are responsible for somewhere in the past.

More on this later...

Koushal said...

Hi Yogendra,
You have written "Hence as per these calculations you are bound to born at specific time, on specific date and in specific location"....
But anyone who is alive (human) keep doing Karmas, until he/she dies. So it is like your calculations are always changing... you can't really say it is over. In that way it is not possible to calculate where anyone's rebirth will be and in what condition.

Yogendra Namjoshi said...

As per my limited knowledge, karmas are divided into three divisions - Sanchit, Prarbdha, Kriyaman Karma. You are referring to the Kriyaman (Agami) karma. Sanchit is like a BANK of karmas done in lot of Janmas we have gone through... so its a repository. Out of that we debit some amount for our upcoming jnama - this is known as Prarabdha(example like we go to trip, we take some cash, TCs, credit cards etc.). After executing all the bhogas of this karma (after our money is over, and credit card fails) we have to leave this world for this jnama. However from this jnamas, we will add another set of karmas (through our credit cards etc.) to our Sanchit...

But if we stop taking such a credit... we will not add karmas to our sanchit, which means we will enjoy/go through the remaining bhogas next jnama and so on... (Nishkaam Karma)

Gradually or by Krupa of ShriSad Guru, our sanchit will get exhausted and the whole purpose of going through the cycles will get over...

Refer here (and go to subsequent links):
Each lifetime, a certain portion of the sanchita karma, most suited for the spiritual evolution at the time is chosen to be worked out, during the course of the lifetime. Subsequently this Prarabdha Karma creates circumstances which we are destined to experience in our present lifetime, they also place certain limitations via our physical family, body or life circumstances we are born into, as charted in our birth chart or horoscope, collectively known as fate or destiny (determinism)

Yogendra Namjoshi said...

There is another beautiful analogy also. The granary represents the Sanchita Karma; that portion taken from the granary and put in the shop for future daily sale corresponds to Agami; that which is sold daily represents Prarabdha.

The whole lot of Sanchita Karma is destroyed by attaining Knowledge of Brahman or the Eternal. It can be greatly modified by entertaining lofty, divine thoughts, and doing virtuous actions. Agami Karma can be destroyed by expiatory rites or Prayaschitta; and by removing the idea of agency through Nimitta Bhava (attitude that one is an instrument in the hands of God) and Sakshi Bhava (attitude that one is silent witness of the actions of the senses and of the mind).