Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Developed or Developing

Heathrow expansion was carried two or three years back at London. Terminal 5 was developed over period of two years or so and it is operational since last year. There was opposition to terminal development as residence did not want nuisance and ofcourse for environment. But there campaign was late and gone in vain as government did not budge.

Now there is plan to expand Stansted airport. This will increase passengers by about 10 million yearly. But this time people are quite efficient for protest and they have taken authorities to High Court. Hearing will happen in another three days but this is how people are being aware of climate change and the surrounding change happening around them.

After reading this news I just remember another news on Pune, Maharashtra, which I read last week. Amidst general election fever picking up, Maharashtra government is in a process to approve fund for Pune international airport at Chakan. I have heard that even Mumbai airport is not utilised fully. This may or may not be true but have the requirements of international airport been evaluated actually for Pune?

But I think very few people have this question in their mind... all the farmers have been moved or are in a process of being moved from the allocated land. God knows how many of them have been paid as per market rate, farmers whose fields have not been taken by government will be sold to builders and they will move from there.... In short when I look at Chakan airport, I can see +CO2 -food from Maharashtra.....

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