Friday, 2 January 2009

Why do we rely on US of A

Why do we rely on US for everything? Why is that we want US to do everything for us? Is that our leaders don't have guts or they are so busy in doing politics that they can not do any work for country? Pranab Mujharjee said that US has given evidence to Pakistan and now it should act on it. Why? Does that mean we didn't have any evidence before? We can not produce anything to prove Pakistan's element's involvement? We had no courage to stand against attack? Or we were not sure about anything?

"India on Thursday said the US has provided "strong evidence" to Pakistan about involvement of Lashkar-e-Taiba in the Mumbai attacks and that Islamabad should now hand over the culprits for which no Extradition Treaty is required. " In the same news there is one more comment from him (Pranab Mukharjee) "On whether the US pressure on Pakistan was working, Mukherjee said "tangible" results about Pakistani cooperation on the Mumbai terror attack is "yet to be achieved". "

Just to add more to this immediately after this Pakistan denies any international pressure on Islamabad... May be US is not considered outside :-). Before this there was news published on Wall street journal about Lashkar top commanders Zaki-ur-Rahman Lakhvi and Zarar Shah confessing there role in Mumbai attacks but as always allegedly denied by Pakistan. If they really want peace in South Asia, I think this is high time for Pakistan to come forward and co-operate with Bharat rather than keep denying the facts. Saying that even we, Bharat should also talk on some matured level, have some concrete requirements and plans and should stick to it.


Yogendra said...


I admit your frustration. But can you see a deeper international politics involved? Don't you think that there is still something into it apart from just terrorist attack in India? Can you relate the drone attacks in Pakistan's NW frontier and Mumbai attacks? Don't you think US wanted to intervene for a long time since now... and don't you think this is just another reason for them to get involved, perhaps there were 10 US citizens dead, isn't it a perfect time to intervene???


kiran said...

A good question for a very obvious answer - We lack G-U-T-S. Every attempt to seek US intervention only reflects our impotency.We also have the nerve to send out relief packages to a certain country when its other neighbour is able to do what we cannot :). Height of appeasement?