Sunday, 7 December 2008

Truth about Sonia Gandhi

Truth about Sonia Gandhi

If you want to get information about anything, it is really possible to go and get it. The world is no longer remained what it was decades ago. Information is available at click of button. Now you can view information on internet anytime anywhere. Since I initiated email on Nehru and Gandhi on one of the yahoo group, I got more information which is quite relative to us, to all Indians. I am sure there is alot truth behind this and if someone goes out with this.... It will not be possible for Congress and there supporters to face it. Few things from the passage which I read here.

Current information about Sonia, which is relevant for us.
  • Sonia has lied about her name (original is Antonia by birth certificate), lied about her birth place (Orbassano as she claims but Luciana as in her birth certificate)
  • She has not studied beyond High school and as she has stated in her sworn affidavit, she does not hold diploma in English.
  • When she was in UK, she met Rajiv when he first came in restaurant in 1965, where she was working
  • When Rajiv could not cope up to studies and moved to London she as well moved there
  • She got a job with an outfit run by Salman Thassir, a debonair Pakistani based in Lahore, and who has a export-import company headquartered in Dubai
  • She made enough money in this job and loaned to Rajiv for his expenses
  • Apart from Rajiv she was close friend of Madhavrao Scindia
  • Madhavrao Scindia died in mysterious circumstances in an as yet uninvestigated aircrash of his private plane in the year 2001. Mani Shankar Aiyar and Shiela Dikshit were to be on that flight too, but were asked to stay behind at the last moment.
  • Well this is not the only incidence of someone close to Sonia diying miraculously
  • Indira Gandhi when were shot by her body guard, she did not died immediately because of injuries but died due to heavy bleeding
  • It was Sonia who insisted that the bleeding Indira be driven to Lohia Hospital-- in the opposite direction to AIIMS, after reaching there she changed her mind and asked everyone to drive back to AIIMS, loosing 24 precious minutes
  • She even has links to Rajiv's assassination with LTTE, there are many twists in this story but some details can be found on link given up
  • She is involved in suggling of Hindu gods and goddesses, antiques, pichwai paintings, shatoosh shawls, coins with the help of Mr Arjun Singh out of India to Italy to her sister' shop
  • She is even connected to arms dealing to LTTE, Habash group of Palestinians [PFLP]
  • She had close connections with KGB and that must have lead her getting married with Rajiv and even getting her entry in India.
Certainly there is alot more. I will be trying to read more and getting it on board here. But I am afraid now, on the background of Mumbai attack, who is actually leading us all these years from behind the curtains?


Hammer said...

yes. all this is true. She was the 12th terrorist with gun inside Taj Hotel. She helped them to come to India from Karachi. She is also a close friend of osama.

abbe chu, If u read & Believe what bajrang dal writes on a stupid webpage then mee kai sangu tula.

Your Post is lacking in both intelligence and awareness.

Koushal said...

This is not posted on Bajrang Dal's site. This is posted on one of Party' site.... It was the secondary link which I posted on blog. Main link is

Apart from this I am more disappointed with the language you have used. Just shows your quality....