Friday, 12 December 2008

Raj Thackeray and Mumbai Attacks

What Raj Thackeray was doing during attacks?

This is what Raj Thackeray & his party MNS was doing during attacks:

1. When Congress was putting up banners for martyrs with more space for their office bearers on the banner, Raj Thackeray personally visited Karkare & Salaskar families WITHOUT any show-off
2. Got MNS to donate blood at JJ & GT hospitals (First ones to donate blood while others played political blame game)
3. Provided snacks to police & bystanders at Nariman house during action.
4. Maintained up-to-date list of dead people in CST & other rail stations. This was an important source for relatives (though written in just chalk)

Only 3 political leaders were on the street during attacks:
1. Narendra Modi: Criticized as cheap for visiting Mumbai
2. Raj: Media lied he was hiding then criticized for not visiting.
3. R R Patil: Criticized for saying I kept a Ganesh idol with me during outdoor visits.

One thing I am proud of is, none of MNS people tried to make any political gain out of this. Even I read some where that MNS sponsored ambulance were running around to help who were injured. None of these Hindi Channels deared to approach him and ask what he was doing, just running meaninglessly and shouting where is Raj Thackeraya?
People were screaming on road about him and saying none of the Marathi people were in commandos. Are they forgetting who were first line of defence? How many police officers died in first few hours, who were Marathi and Maharashtrians and were not at all well equipped? That was bravery... knowing they are facing AK47, those brave Police officers threw themselves for Mumbai, Maharashtra and India. No one questioning for whom I am doing this.... That's what we Maharashtrians and Marathi people can do... just think before pointing your fingers recklessly.

Jay Hind, Jay Maharashtra!!!.

(This poem is not written by me....)

ते नक्कीच उशी खाली गन ठेवून शांत झोपले नव्हते.
ते नक्कीच शृंगार रसात बुडालेले नव्हते.
ते नक्कीच सोम रसात बुडालेले नव्हते.
ते नक्कीच भीतीपोटी अद्रेनेलिन च्या प्रभावात निराश झालेले नव्हते.
ते उपर्याँ प्रमाणे गलितगात्र झालेले नव्हते.
ते नक्कीच आंधल्या राजा प्रमाणे कुत्र्याना पीठ खाताना , शांत पणे सहन करत बसलेले नव्हते.
रस्त्यावर उतरून ज्या मोजक्या नेत्यांनी सगळे अनुभवले, त्यात ते नक्कीच होते.

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kiran said...

The only live terrorist caught was caught by a maharashtrian :)
Jai Maharashtra