Friday, 5 December 2008

Nehru Gandhi Dynasty

Just got curious about Nehru and so called Gandhi family after reading one email.... I had little idea that Gandhi was not real last name of Indira Gandhi but it was Khan. Now I have found lot of information about Nehru - Gandhi dynasty. I am sure many of us are ignorant about this and I would like to everyone to know this if there are any Congress supporters, the real facts:

  • Indira Khan Gandhi was in London when she married Feroze Khan who was apparently owning grocery shop
  • She got married in mosque here in UK
  • Mohandas K. Gandhi called Jawaharlal Nehru immediately and asked Indira and Feroze to change there name to Gandhi from Khan, note: just name not religion
  • Indira returned to India and married by vedic rituals there
  • She had her first child Rajiv from Feroze then they seperated, but not divorced
  • She had second child Sanjiv from another person Mohammad Yunus, remember none of these Jawaharlal Nehru' descedents are Hindu anymore
  • Rajiv got married to Sania (now known as Sonia) and gave birth to Bianca and Raul which are known as Priyanka and Rahul to us
  • Rajiv mentioned he was Parsi in his speech after he became PM but he was not, his grandmother was before her marriage, but she converted to Islam before she got married
  • Sanjiv who was arrested by London police changes his name to Sanjay and returned to India with new passport
  • He use to blackmail Indira Gandhi mostly, on his father's name
  • She was not at all concered when he died in plane crash
  • One more great lie by so called secularist Nehru-Gandhi family, Rajiv Gandhi was engineer from Cambridge university, he was not engineer. He was enroled in the college but he could never cleared even one exam there
  • And same thing about Sonia, who was in cambridge. She used to go to night classes at cambridge to learn English where Rajiv and her met.
  • About Sanjay, who got Menaka (Thats right, that is real name of Maneka) pregnant had to marry her forcefully.
All these are just highlited points from this site.

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